Vegetarian Thai Food

While many people enjoy Thai food there are vegetarians who hesitate to visit Thai restaurants due to the worry that they won't be able to find any vegetarian dishes that they can enjoy. While this is understandable due to the limited choices when it comes to vegetarian offerings in most restaurants, when it comes to Thai restaurants nothing could be further from the truth.

While most Thai restaurants don't advertise catering specifically to vegetarians nor offer vegetarian main courses on their menus that doesn't mean that they can't cater to a vegetarian's specific needs simply and easily. Not only can they make delicious vegetarian dishes, but most Thai restaurants will do so eagerly. Even those that don't should have several different side dishes that would make excellent choices for those who want to eat vegetarian fare.

One of the reasons that Thai restaurants can easily change an entree from a meat entree to a vegetarian entree is because their dishes consist mainly of rice or noodles with the meat and sauce placed on top. Since Thai restaurants use various kinds of tofu in many of their dishes it is simple for them to substitute tofu for that meat on top of their pasta or rice.

In addition Thai restaurants have many tempting vegetable side dishes and some of their vegetable stir fry is out of this world. Since Thai's take pride in making sure that no one leaves a Thai meal hungry they often fill their serving dishes very full making it possible for most people to make an entire meal just off the vegetable sides.

In addition since Thai's themselves devote whole festivals to vegetarian foods more and more Thai restaurants both in Thailand and the United States are offering vegetarian dishes as part of their daily fair. Some vegetarian Thai food that most people enjoy are: mushroom cakes, spicy noodles, papaya salad, Pad Thai, and spicy eggplant as well as many other tasty and interesting offerings. Many of the Thai soups too are perfect for vegetarians.

While some vegetarian's simply avoid eating meat others avoid all meat products including milk, eggs, broths made from meat. Other vegetarians are a little less strict in their dietary consumption focusing instead on eating mostly fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Whatever, your vegetarian wants or needs you can find it in Thai foods.

If you are unsure what types of vegetarian offerings to try when you dine at a Thai restaurant then here at (Thai food) may be able to help you learn a little more about Thai vegetable dishes and the way they are prepared. So feel free to browse our web pages and discover more about Thai cooking and the vegetarian offering that can be had when eating Thai food.

Experiencing Thai vegetarian dishes just may give you a whole new appreciation when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Many Thai vegetable offerings are cooked with wonderful sauces and you can even find selections of curried vegetables as well as delicate stir fried fares. The spices used in Thai cooking makes the flavors of most vegetables come alive offering your palate a real taste treat. However, you may want to be careful when trying Thai vegetarian cuisine because you may not want to go back to that plain western vegetarian food again.